Water Treatment


Amplify Efficiency

Bulk nanobubble generation can boost the performance of on- and off-shore water-treatment operations.

AquaB’s generators massively increase nano-oxygenation with minimal energy use. This enables high-performance abiotic oxidation of reactive nitrogen and sulphur species, reduction in Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), as well as improved micro-biology profiles.

The low rising velocity of nanobubbles, combined with the ‘ultra-dense’ nature of AquaB’s nanobubble generation, leads to highly efficient removal of particles from solutions. This is because the nanobubbles help contaminating particles to connect to, and collide with, larger microbubbles to facilitate flotation.

Nanobubble-enhanced floating sludge is also more uniform and smaller in size than in conventional DAF systems. This provides a better consistency for pumping, increased sludge density and lower water content in the float sludge.

AquaB generators can be retrofitted to existing DAFs with ease, with either submersible or continuous-mode flow operation, which can increase the capacity of any footprint constrained plant. 

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