Nanobubbles for Industry

The industrial potential of nanobubbles has been understood for years. The barrier to widespread use has been the challenge of developing energy efficient, controllable, reliable generation.

AquaB’s proprietary technology solves those barriers head on, making nanobubble generation cost-effective and easy to deploy.

What nanobubbles can do

  • Double total dissolved-oxygen
  • Increase dissolved CO2 by 60-70%
  • Increase oil extraction by 1-2% above industry standard
  • Reduce water clean-up time by 10-15%
  • In fuels, increase engine performance by 15%
water bubbles

Bulk Nanobubble Generation

AquaB generators produce high concentrations of bulk nanobubbles at scale with minimal energy needs.

Our new approach to nanobubble generation – using electric fields rather than high pressure and membranes - enables process control, solid state reliability and deployment flexibility.

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