AquaB’s Breakthrough

Unlike existing technologies that use high pressure, membranes and gas to generate nanobubbles, AquaB generators use an electric field.

water bubbles

This gives our generators market-leading advantages, including:

  • Very low power consumption - tens of Watts versus several kW.
  • Low maintenance and downtime due to solid-state nature with no moving parts. 
  • Nanobubbles that are less than 50-100 nm in size, providing more than 200 times the interfacial surface area when compared to ultra-fine microbubbles.
  • Industry-leading lifespans, producing nanobubbles that are stable for days and even weeks.
  • Applicable for any gas.
  • Quiet operation and chemical-free, working well at low pressure and with ambient air. 
  • Suitability for retro-fitting, with the ability to scale-up.

Pioneering Electric Field Generation

AquaB’s technology is based on electrostriction phenomena, induced by the application of electric fields. This technology opens up exciting application opportunities, with AquaB nanobubble generators able to be deployed in environments and processes unsuited to high-pressure bubble generation.

Reliable, Flexible, Adaptable

Our technology is solid-state with few moving parts, resulting in very little maintenance or downtime because there’s nothing to get blocked or jammed. This means that early adopters of AquaB technology are enjoying significantly reduced downtime.

Our nanobubble generators can also be powered by solar in off-grid, in-field environments, with no need for added chemicals or gas, which makes them highly flexible and adaptable.

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