Algae Regulation

Blooming green algae and eutrophication

D.O. Precision Control

Take control of the growth of algae in water systems with bulk nanobubble generation from AquaB.

Suppress the growth of cyanobacteria by boosting dissolved-oxygen levels in aquatic-gas systems, with judicious dissolved-CO2 monitoring.

AquaB’s nanobubble generator technology puts you in complete control of dissolved-oxygen and dissolved-CO2 levels, delivering energy efficient, stable bubble generation. The result is nanobubbles that are long-lived over weeks.

Nano-oxygenation of the water body also reduces eutrophication, and the disastrous associated methane emissions.

AquaB’s algae-regulation generators can even be off-grid in-field using a solar-battery combination for optimal convenience.

If you are interested in exploring how AquaB’s algae regulation generators could support the work of your organisation, contact us to speak with one of our specialist engineers. 

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