AquaB Nanobubble Generation

The bubbles produced by AquaB generators are the smallest in the industry, less than 50-100 nm in size, with industry-leading lifetimes. This means the impact of the nanobubbles is amplified. Even better, AquaB generators can be retrofitted to integrate with existing systems, making them easy and affordable to deploy and scale-up.    

We will begin widespread roll-out of our turnkey nanobubble generators in early 2024.

In-line Nanobubble Generators

Some advance availability of our in-line pipe-based generator is anticipated. This model generates nanobubble levels of 108 per ml in a 100 l/min unit, with nanobubble lifetimes lasting multiple days and even weeks. 

If you are interested in securing early access to this generator, please contact us to discuss further.

Retrofitted Nanobubble Generators

To unlock the potential of nanobubbles in industry, generator technology must be able to be retro-fitted to existing systems. That’s why we have prioritised the development of nanobubble generators that seamlessly dovetail with established industry processes and equipment. 

Bespoke Nanobubble Generators

Early adopters looking for scalable generators can benefit from bespoke nanobubble solutions, working directly with our product development teams as we pioneer industry-specific products. 

For more information, and to apply to become one of our development partners, contact us.   

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