AquaB Nanobubble Innovations Ltd announces key appointments

Kildare-based technology start-up AquaB Nanobubble Innovations Ltd has announced key appointments to its leadership team ahead of the company’s participation in World Water-Tech North America, which takes place in Los Angeles this week. 

AquaB, a University College Dublin (UCD) spin-out company, was incorporated in 2020 to commercialise the electrostriction nanobubble generation technology lead-invented by Professor Niall English. The technology is widely considered to be a globally significant breakthrough in the management of liquid and gases in industry. 

Professor English, initially CEO, becomes Chief Technology Officer, as Paul Kilroy Glynn is appointed CEO of AquaB. 

Specialising in business development in the start-up tech space, Paul was previously Head of Business Development at BioSimulytics, a Dublin-based pharmatech UCD spin-out. Paul’s leadership of AquaB benefits from his academic background in life sciences and previous business development leadership with Prof. English at BioSimulytics. 

Alan Kennedy joins AquaB as Chief Operating Officer. Most recently Research Fellow at the University of Galway, Alan’s background combines research and development in the wastewater treatment industry with industrial applications. 

Elaine Shaw, former CEO of Northway Mushrooms Ltd, has taken up the role of Head of Operations and Finance, supported by Sorcha Mallon as Financial Controller, while post-doctoral engineer Donagh Tuite joins as Head of Production. 

The Ireland-based company is supported by Hanan Itzkovitch based in Israel, who brings international business development experience in the water and environmental sectors. 

Announcing the appointments, CEO Paul Kilroy Glynn said: 

“Nanobubbles are set to accelerate the sustainability of environmental and industrial processes at a global level, and AquaB has an important role in making nanobubble generation accessible, affordable and scalable. I’m delighted to be leading the company and look forward to fully unlocking the commercial potential of electric-field nanobubble technology.

“It’s a privilege to be working with Prof. English again, and to be joined by such a talented and experienced team. We are all excited about the potential this technology has to radically improve energy efficiency and productivity in key sectors that are at the forefront of the climate challenge.” 

As the smallest, ultrafine bubble - 50 to 100 nm in size - nanobubbles are invisible to the eye but have distinct properties that make them transformative for a wide range of processes and applications. The potential of nanobubbles has been known for years, but the barrier to widespread adoption has been the challenge of developing energy efficient, controllable, reliable generation.

AquaB’s nanobubble generators utilise a novel method to generate nanobubbles using static electric fields. The method, lead-invented by Professor Niall English, produces high concentrations of bulk nanobubbles at scale with minimal energy needs. 

The company is prioritising commercialisation in the oil and gas and water treatment industries. An early focus is the regulation of algae - an increasingly important intervention as algal blooms are impacted by climate change and the ensuing damage caused.

AquaB is showcasing its submersible nanobubble generator units at World Water-Tech North America, which takes place in Los Angeles from today. The event will see more than 200 water industry leaders gather to address the most challenging issues facing water and wastewater in North America.

Mr Kilroy Glynn added: 

“The potential for AquaB is truly global, and there is strong interest in this technology from companies and organisations operating in arid climates where water is an increasingly scarce resource. 

“Ireland’s leadership in this sector is notable and important. I’m honoured to be working alongside Prof. English and such an experienced team as the commercial application of nanobubble generation becomes ever more urgent in the race to mitigate the impacts of climate change.” 

Paul Kilroy Glynn

Paul Kilroy Glynn


Specialising in business development in the start-up tech space, Paul’s leadership of AquaB benefits from his academic background in life sciences. Paul was previously Head of Business Development at BioSimulytics, a breakthrough pharmatech spin-out company, and he has a proven track record of scaling companies through commercial growth. As well as overseeing the development of the company to meet client and partner needs, Paul is leading on the commercialisation of AquaB’s nanobubble generators in the oil and gas sector.

Professor Niall English

Niall English


Professor Niall English is the lead-inventor of the electrostriction nanobubble generation technology that AquaB systems utilise. Niall is recognised globally as an expert in how external fields affect the ordering and behaviour of systems at the nanoscale and his research interests encompass nanoscience, electric-field effects, nanobubbles, carbon capture and gas hydrates. In addition to commercialising his nanobubble generation breakthrough at AquaB, Niall is a professor in Chemical Engineering at University College Dublin where he is investigating how electric-field-generated nanobubbles and nanodroplets can be optimised in their characteristics for use in water treatment, agriculture, aquaculture and carbon capture.