AquaB and Aramco at APSAC 2023 Conference

AquaB’s expertise in energy efficient nanobubble generation was highlighted at a special nanobubbles session at the APSAC 2023 applied-physics conference in Venice. 

The workshop session titled Nanobubble Generation and Chemical Physics was jointly Chaired by Niall English of AquaB and Amr Abdel-Fattah of Aramco. The conference, the International Conference on Applied Physics, Simulation and Computing, brings together physicists, mathematicians, and engineers to share new analytical methods, simulation methods, and mathematical models, with a focus on diverse community participation. 

The aim of the session was to consider the many mechanistic, physical, chemical and statistical aspects of various types of nanobubble generation and behaviour, as well as to explore engineering deployment, scale-up and performance case studies.

A key property of nanobubbles is their longevity and long-term stability. While larger bubbles rise to the atmosphere very quickly, nanobubbles have potential lifetimes of hours to months. This unique characteristic makes energy efficient nanobubble generation a potentially transformative innovation, capable of transforming a variety of environmental, medical, and industrial processes.

AquaB’s collaboration with oil and gas giant Aramco reflects the companies’ shared interest in the potential of nanobubbles to accelerate sustainability within the energy sector. 

Professor Niall English, who lead-invented the electric field based nanobubble generation that AquaB is developing, said: 

“The APSAC workshop considered new and innovative methods for generation of nanobubbles of different gasses, as well as rigorous exploration, elucidation and characterisation of their underlying microscopic fundamentals. We explored methods of exploiting and manipulating their formation with a view to end-goal engineering applications, as well as important industrial and environmental applications.”

Prof. Niall English presenting in front of a screen